4 Stroke is better than 2 stroke

16 Dec 2019, Honda Marine

In 1964, our founder Soichiro Honda uttered these famous words "What will happen to our oceans, lakes, and rivers if all that exhaust gas mixed with oil gets pumped into the water? I don’t care if everyone else is making two-strokes – Honda has to make four-strokes.”

If you have a 2 stroke engine, you are damaging the environment you are fishing in. Now is the time to upgrade to a modern Honda 4-stroke engine.

Naturally, we are very supportive of 4-strokes, it's all we do. Every engine Honda produces is clean burning, low emission, environmentally friendly engine. So when we saw Mandy Kupenga, a fishing ambassador from FishingAdvisor.co.nz and Legasea spokesperson dropped this video, we were super keen to get on board.

Therefore, you don't just have to take our word for it, listen to some of the industry's biggest proponents of clean green oceans have their say too.

In the video Clarke Gayford from Fish of the Day TV and Sam Judd from Sustainable Coastlines share their views on smokey old 2-stroke engines.

If ensuring the waters you ply remain clean for the next generation, then your choice must be a Honda 4-stroke outboard.