Balex Marine picks a Honda Outboard

21 Feb 2018, Honda Marine

Picking the right place to launch your boat is one thing, but being able to launch safely and with no stress is another. If there is a fine weekend at your local boat ramp, you can be sure that everyone is wanting to launch their boat at the same time and fellow boaties sure do have a particular way of letting you know that you are taking too long to launch, right?

When it comes to heading out for a fish, launching and retrieving your boat is probably the only stress for the whole day. The Balex Marine automatic boat loading system is how you eliminate that stressful part of getting your boat in and out of the water.

Balex Marine chose to partner with Honda Marine and Surtees for their promotional boat as they tour boat ramps around the country.  Teaming one stress free system with another was the ideal way to ensure Balex Marine was able to put their best foot forward, so they opted for a Honda BF150 on the back of their new Surtees 610 Game Fisher on the Balex automatic boat loader.

Known for their reliability, Honda Marine outboards are also at the top of the ladder for fuel economy. As Sascha Haag from Balex Marine puts it “The fuel economy is incredible, it performs well and is super quiet…I love my time on the water with my new Honda”.

Stop wasting time at the boat ramp and money at the gas pump – spend your time on the water doing what you love. Let Balex Marine automatic boat loaders take care of the launching and retrieving, Honda Marine engines will take care of the rest of your day out on the water.

If you are about to purchase a new boat, make sure you have a Balex loader on the trailer and insist there is a Honda on the back. Honda means reliability and performance, plus it’s the only way you will truly get 4-Strokes of Genius, we've been doing it from the beginning. Visit our dealer page to find your nearest dealer.