BF6 Wins IBEX Innovation Award

15 Nov 2016, Honda Marine

2016 IBEX Innovation Award for BF6 Outboard Engine

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), along with a judging panel from Boating Writers International (BWI), has named the all-new Honda Marine BF6 portable engine as a recipient of a 2016 International Boat Builder's Exhibition (IBEX) Innovation Award for outboard engine technology.  BWI and the NMMA presented Honda Marine the 2016 award during the show and conference at the Tampa Convention Center October 4-6.

The IBEX Innovation Award is the industry's highest honor for innovative and technological advancement.  The award recognizes advancements in OEM and aftermarket equipment based on specific criteria: innovative distinction from other products currently being manufactured; benefit to the marine industry and/or consumer; practicality; and cost effectiveness.