Extreme Boats Annual Fishing Competition

21 Nov 2019, Honda Marine

honda powered extreme fishing event

When it comes to extreme fishing, there sure are a lot of thoughts that come to mind. The excitement generated from the Extreme Boats fishing tournament probably should have been enough to have the name of the event changed to the Extreme Boats Extreme Fishing Event!

The fourth annual extreme fishing comp was held in Whitianga this last weekend attended by 250 anglers on 110 boats. A great opportunity for Extreme Boat owners and outboard manufacturers like us here at Honda Marine to liaise with the boat owners - as well as spend some quality time on the water. (read: go fishing too!)

Fishing this year was very tough, but once again Team Honda Marine - Sam and Edan - finding the right spots to land some great look fish. Always the fair sports, Team Honda are about catch and release so the local 'pets' were put back to help replenish the local stocks.

Here's a shot of a monster that resident Honda Marine fishing expert Edan caught on Friday.

Brown Butterbean