"Fuel bill more than halved"

14 Nov 2018, Honda Marine

Not satisfied with the performance of his 2-Stroke outboard engine, Chris from Waiuku contacted Honda Marine about what he could do. It was a pretty quick chat about how efficient and clean burning Honda Outboards are and within a month he had visited a Honda Marine dealer and was the proud owner of a new Honda BF150.

We asked Chris what he thought about his new Honda Outboard engine:

To be honest buying the Honda was the best choice I’ve ever made. I am a huge fan for so many reasons.

My previous motor was mercury 200hp carburettor v6 2 stroke and the new motor is a Honda BF150.

Here's what I've experienced:

1. Fuel bill. More than halved it's just ridiculous. Amazing at idle just sips away, 1/3 less trolling and 1/2 fuel cruising speed.

First trip out didn't believe the fuel computer saying we had only used 90L I was expecting to run out of fuel late in the day. Got home and topped up and literally had only used 90L.

My previous 2 stroke would have burnt 200L for the same trip, hence my concern and disbelief I had only used 90L. Looked too good to be true but it was correct!

No longer do we need to take 4 jerry cans out for a days trolling and the hassle of fuelling up at sea. (Have poured fuel into rod holder doing this before)

With the price of fuel the new motor will pay itself off and also after the initial investment it makes each trip so affordable with the price of fuel sky rocketing.

2. No more cost of oil and hassle to always check and top up oil.

3. No more oil slicks polluting water and dirty 2 stroke fumes.

4. So much quieter that you can actually talk or hear the stereo.

5. Instant starting in hot or cold conditions, no more trouble at the ramp to get going.

6. Initial concern of going from v6 to a straight 4, however the boost technology and VTEC in the upper range gives plenty of grunt for crossing out west coast bars.

Also very good time to get in the plane.

Also dropping 50hp is insignificant except for top end.


Are you thinking about re-powering? Have you had enough of that noisy, smelly, gas guzzling 2 stroke engine? Don't waste any more time - or money - and get in touch with your local Honda Marine Dealer  today.