Herley Boats - Powered by Honda

10 Jul 2018, Honda Marine

Herley Boats is a New Zealand boat building company based in Tauranga who appreciate the superb performance of Honda Engines. Herley Boats are built by a passionate team who strive to create something different in a literal sea of competitors. Add in a Honda BF250 and you've got even more cut through, and not just through the waves!

Vast years of experience on the ocean in a range of vessels has been applied to this range of craft. And craft is what it is, no corners are cut and the engineering is of the highest standard. Being able to produce such a large boat that is both stable in the calm and sturdy in the rough is quite an achievement.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself, Herley Boats are always keen to book people for a sea trial. Have a look at their site and get in touch...and remember to insist on a Honda outboard for the transom.