Honda Marine Spearfishing Nationals

23 Jan 2018, Honda Marine

Honda Marine are proud to sponsor this year’s New Zealand Spearfishing Nationals and judging by the remarkable fish speared this year, it was a great time in and out of the water for everyone involved.

The idyllic Great Barrier Island, off the coast of Auckland, was the scene for this year’s Honda Marine New Zealand Spear shing Nationals. The Barrier is renowned for
its clean, green and environmentally friendly lifestyle – elements that are all of paramount importance for Honda Marine. Anyone who owns a Honda outboard will tell 
you that they are quiet, fuel efficient and deliver great performance, but it’s also our respect for the environment that sets our engines above the rest.

Honda engines have ultra-low emissions, deliver increased fuel efficiency and have very low noise levels. Make sure you ask for a Honda outboard next time you re-power and experience the results for yourself.