Take control - perfectly!

23 Jan 2020, Honda Marine

Perfect Outboard Engine Control

Launching, docking, and everything in between. Keeping control of large boats is always a challenge, and when you have an audience at the boat ramp it can definitely increase the anxiety levels. 

If you have ever launched on a Saturday morning in summer you will know exactly what we mean! Last week we borrowed Nicky Sinden's boat and checked out the latest in perfect control - the Optimus 360. The Addicted to Fishing host has her twin Honda BF150's outboards on her 795 Extreme always in full control thanks to the Optimus 360.

At launch, heading for the dock, or sitting on a secret fishing spot - she has the control at her fingertips. Keen to see more? Check out the YouTube clip below with Honda Marine National Manager, Cam Burch. Cam knows outboard engines making him an ideal person to tell us all about the control system.