• Tony Orton

    "Love my Honda's power and reliability to cross a bar each day, super quiet engines for the comfort of my clients and increased fuel savings to keep my charter business rolling. How could you not want a Honda."

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  • Captain Phil Barchet

    “The choice of Honda engines was simple. Our experience with Honda reliability and support has been outstanding. We decided to go big this time around, opting to fit two BF250 engines to the boat. The power is incredible and yet because the engines are hardly working, the economy is amazingly good. We can’t afford to have engines let us down and my experience with Honda gives me the confidence to safely take people to our amazing offshore locations.”

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  • Graeme Sinclair

    “Since I’ve changed to a Honda outboard I’ve experienced considerable fuel savings across the rev range. I can’t believe how quiet the engine is and the performance is outstanding. I have to say I love my Honda.“

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  • Fishing & Adventure

    We are sometimes asked "Why don't you have an auxiliary motor?" our response is simple - "We have a Honda."

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    There’s a simple reason why Honda's four-stroke marine engines lead the world in performance, reliability, fuel-efficiency and environmental responsibility...

  • 7 Year Warranty

    Only Honda offers a 7 year warranty for pleasure use on the entire range of outboard motors, from 2 to 250 hp.


    Economy controlled motor, lean burn control and racing technology