honda Feature Friday

Scott and Mig from Fishing & Adventure check out a range of the features that make Honda outboards stand out from the crowd. Keen to learn about more features? Head on over to our Honda Advantage page and keep exploring.   

Synchro Mode

 This weeks #hondafeaturefriday focuses Honda's Synchro Mode, helping your twin rig setups to perform at their peak, with enhanced balance and handling.

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water separator

 This weeks #hondafeaturefriday focuses on the water separator and moisture alarm features that help protect your investment in a Honda engine and keep you out on the water.

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easier maintenance

This #hondafeaturefriday Mig checks out the design features that make the Honda V6's easier to maintain, reducing servicing time and costs. Getting you back on the water quicker!

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quiet running

 The Honda V6 outboard was designed specifically with quiet running in mind. Find out how the external exhaust, cowling and air intake all combine for a quiet, comfortable ride.

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dual channel induction

 This #hondafeaturefriday sees Scott & Mig check out Honda's Dual-channel induction. Offering clean, cool air for improved performance and reliability.

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single lever control mode

Scott explores the single lever control mode on this #hondafeaturefriday. Available on Honda Drive By Wire controls for multi outboard set ups. Honda technology making life at the helm super easy. 

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2:1 Gear ratio

 This #hondafeaturefriday Scott explores the 2:1 Gear Ratio System on the Honda Marine V6 outboard range, and how that gets you out of the hole quickly! 

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V-form cowling design

 #Hondafeaturefriday is back with Mig of Fishing & Adventure exploring Honda's V-Form Cowling design and Honda's water proof seal offer great water proofing and functionality on the Honda V6 range.

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91 fuel

This #hondafeaturefriday Scott & Mig discuss the benefits of the V6 range running on 91 fuel. Saving you at the pump and offering more offshore fueling options, while combining with Honda's proven fuel-efficiency for more time on the water for less.

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7 year domestic warranty

This #Hondafeaturefriday sees Scott of Fishing & Adventure explore the unrivalled 7 year domestic warranty* across the Honda range and the reliability they've experienced with years of Honda's on a range of boats. Giving you peace of mind out on the water.

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Drive By Wire

This #Hondafeaturefriday Scott and Mig look at the Drive by Wire controls that delivers smooth, responsive operation and built in trolling control to help give you control at your fingertips.

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Mig explores how Honda's high performance BLAST (Boosted low speed torque) system controls ignition timing to deliver a great boost of horsepower at low revs, getting up out of the hole faster and onto the plane on this installment of #hondafeaturefriday.

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4-front corrosion protection

This #Hondafeaturefriday Scott & Mig chat about Honda’s 4-front corrosion protection system and how it protects your outboard from the harsh salt water environment to deliver alot of trouble free boating and less maintenance so you can spend more time fishing!  

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90amp alternator

This #Hondafeaturefriday sees Mig of Fishing & Adventure explore the massive 90AMP Alternator of the Honda V6 range and how it powers the electronics onboard Holy Ship! 

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Worlds largest engine manufacturer

#Hondafeaturefriday kicks off with the crew from Fishing & Adventure checking out what makes their Honda BF250 unique. To start us off, they look at how Honda being the world's largest engine manufacturer benefits the outboard range.

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