Honda Marine warrants your new outboard engine to be free of defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase for:

warranty terms and conditions

Honda Marine warrants your new outboard engine to be free of defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase for:

  • 7 years (with unlimited engine hours) for recreational owners.
  • 3 years (or 1,000 hours, whichever comes first) for commercial operators.

This warranty is in addition to your statutory rights and is only valid for outboard engines sold, serviced and registered by authorised Honda Marine dealers.

Terms and conditions to qualify for Domestic 7 & Commercial 3 year warranty:

  1. The Outboard must be sold and set up by an authorised Honda Marine dealer.
  2. The Outboard must be serviced for the entire warranty period by an authorised Honda Marine dealer, in line with the recommended service schedule and recorded in the engine’s Warranty Booklet & Service History Record.
  3. The Outboard must be serviced for the entire warranty period using genuine Honda parts and lubricants.
  4. Applies to engines sold by Power & Marine Ltd and operated in New Zealand market and waters only.

In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem with your outboard engine, please contact an authorised Honda Marine dealer. Should your engine require repair under warranty this repair is to be carried out by an authorised Honda Marine Dealer and you will need to present this copy of your engine’s Warranty Booklet and Service History Record, showing the engines service history. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions as specified may void your warranty.

Listed below are items that are not covered Honda Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any damage resulting from neglect of the periodic maintenance specified by Honda Marine.
  2. Any damage resulting from repair or maintenance performed by non authorised Honda Marine Dealers.
  3. Any damage resulting from operating methods other than those indicated in the Owner’s Manual of the product.
  4. Any damage resulting from the use of non-genuine Honda parts and accessories other than those approved by Honda Marine.
  5. Any damage or deterioration due to natural wear and tear (natural fading of painted or plated surfaces, sheet peeling and other natural deterioration).
  6. Consumable parts: Honda Marine does not warrant parts deterioration due to natural wear and tear. For example but not exclusively the parts listed below are not covered by warranty (unless they are needed as a part of another warranty repair): Spark plugs, fuel and oil filters, cables, belts, anodes, propellers, transom plate, tilt bushes, light bulbs and fuses etc. Lubricant: oil and grease.
  7. Cleaning, adjustment and normal periodic maintenance work (such as lubrication, carburettor ignition and valve adjustments engine oil draining, belt and cable adjustments, anode change, etc.)
  8. Expenses incidental to the warranty claim, including:
    1. Compensation for loss of time, commercial loss or rental costs for a substitute
    2. Costs incurred for transportation to and from the dealership.
  9. Any damage resulting from exposure of the product to chemical agents, environmental phenomena, or water entering the engine through the fuel, air or exhaust system, or by submersion.
  10. Any problems related to the outboard NOT having the required 150mm idle port static water clearance, as per the owner’s manual.
  11. You agree to Honda Power Marine ltd (and Honda Power Marine ltd related companies, associates, and agents) collecting and holding your personal information for the purposes of the warranty registration/claim, for future promotion and marketing purposes, and for communicating with you about their products and services.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the services are performed within the specified period and the Service History Record is appropriately endorsed. In this way your outboard engine will receive the full benefit of the Honda warranty.

Servicing must be carried out by any authorised Honda Marine Dealer. The dealer will keep useful historical information regarding your particular engine which may save valuable time and money.

Outboard engines operated in domestic arduous and or commercial conditions, may require more frequent servicing. Consult your Honda Marine dealer for further information.

Plan routine servicing well in advance so that the necessary work may be carried out within the specified period at the convenience of you and your Honda Marine Dealer.

If you intend to store your outboard engine for any length of time, contact your dealer for help and advice.